In order to extend the service life of our equipment and the general availability of the complete plant, we offer customers preventive inspection after installation and commission.

In order to avoid leakage and increase savings in the process we offer: Obrada pladnja

  • Analyzing the current status of electric and shut-off valves
  • The overhaul of the situation and the proposing solutions
  • Grinding damaged bearing surfaces
  • Replacing the sealing material
  • Adjusting the closing moment and limit switches
  • Reconstruction of control valves, reducing and increasing the value of Kv
  • Preventive lubrication of rotating parts of the valve
  • Functional testing
  • Writing reports and documentation of the work

In current practice, the service after deflation boiler of the plant, proved to be a very important factor that directly affects the condition and functionality of the complete equipment.


Drain valve prior to treatment Drain valve after treatment

Drenažni ventil

Drenažni ventil