Who we are?

What we offer?

NOVAMAT GmbH was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Vienna and it has accumulated a long years experiance in areas of construction and sizing of control valves.

Because of the market rise and to expand our business in 2009 NOVAMAT d.o.o. was founded with headquarters in Zagreb so we can serve the best possible technical support and servicing to our customers.
We are representatives of multiple high established manufacturers of measurement and control equipment for the area of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • ARCA control valves
  • PERSTA shut-off valves
  • IGEMA measuring equipment for boiler facilities
  • ARTES desuperheaters and ball control valves
  • ALBRECHT-AUTOMATIK industrial valves

Our advantage is flexibility, huge knowledge and experience in solving all kinds of issues and problems concerning valve regulation technology our clients encounter in their day to day work.

Novamat d.o.o is also certified with EN ISO 9001-2008 certificate for management system. (download)

To our clients we offer:

  • Evaluation of the current condition of the regulation equipment
  • Design and calculation for the new equipment
  • Acquisition and delivery of ordered equipment
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Optimization
  • Servicing and spare parts

We are specialized company that offers engineering services in planning and building facilities, and also acquisition of especially custom made products given specific demands from our clients.
Cooperation with large number of manufacturers ensures great scope of technical knowledge and exchanging experience regarding different requests.

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