Calculation of a steam conditioning valve

Steam conditioning valves are used in thermal power plants to supply their own consumption with steam that has lower pressure and temperature.

The basic principle of operation is based on the reduction of the vapor pressure, and then lowering the temperature required for further technological process. In industry steam is divided into three levels: high, medium and low pressure.
They are mostly used in power plants of higher parameters in several levels to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire manufacturing process.

Proračun reducir stanice

Selection and construction of reduction stations with cooling is a multidisciplinary work where it's necessary to take into account all of the input parameters which in operation affect the dynamic characteristics of the plant. When designing a new facility that part of the job does the project designer and on the basis of their experience and knowledge of the technology of the plant must calculate and anticipate all possible situations that may occur.

During the reconstruction of the existing facility the most important part is to get as many information possible from the client about the process and the range of process parameters because there are so many examples in practice where, due to poor communication, delivered stations were not able to carry out what they have been designed to do. Given that this is very expensive equipment whose delivery range is up to 6 months you should be very careful while choosing because later errors sre very difficult, sometimes impossible to correct.

Example of a calculation of the steam conditioning valve.pdf (Croatian language)